Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My first craft of 2012

Okay have to admit that the last part of 2011 I have kind of been in a funk. Not only with my crafting but also with my Project 365. (a photo a day) I'm still trying to play catch up with that....think that'll be turned into Project 350ish. lol
We were suppose to spend our New Years eve with my sweet friend Nancy (or as my daughter would say,"Fancy Nancy") and her Hubby but some unfortunate news came about and they had to cancel. :( So since I miss her terribly but mostly, just because, I decided to make her one of my shabby wristlets. I had asked her in an email what was her one word that would describe how she would live the year 2012 and she wrote me back the word,"determined". I love the word that she chose, but I giggled to myself and wrote her back asking her if she could pick a word with more letters. lol! Anyways, I was "determined" to make her word fit on the band. hee hee Here are some of the photos of her wristlet.
I hope she likes <3... Hugs,


Nancy W said...

I love it and you made my cry! But a happy cry!!! Can't wait to come get it!! When??? Hugs from Conroe, Texas!

Melanie said...

I love it and it's perfect for her:)

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Great job, Leslie! No wonder she loves it.
Huggies & Happy New Year ~

Jenny Meyerson said...

It's beautiful, just like Nancy. Love it!

jamie said...

that nancy is one lucky friend.
the flower is gorgeous!!!! looks like a knit? perhaps?
saw this posted on nancy's page on fb and had to come see for myself.
you are indeed, a dear friend.


Cami said...

Happy New Year, Leslie! This wristlet is absolutely divine and Nancy will treasure this forever! What a wonderful friend you are.