Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bunco night

This was a card I made for Stacey for thinking about me and inviting me to their Bunco night. The theme was "lip gloss" so I made a matching box to hold the gloss. I had such a genuinely good time that night! They are a great bunch of gals with lots of, my kind of, humor! Anyways, here are a couple of photos.

Hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bring on the card making!

So I've been doing everything under the moon except the cards that I constantly need to be honing my skills at. lol I have ADHD when it comes to crafting. So many things that I want to try! I needed to get some current cards up on Posh Paper Sweets so I had to FOCUS! I have to admit that these two cards took me all of 5 days to actually complete. I kept on doing a little bit and then I'd let it set so that I could have a fresh pair of eyes when I returned. It's sort of a ritual thing that I do, but never usually takes me so many days. Haha Okay here are the photos.
Did a little "up-cycling" on this card. I used the card board that came around my Starbucks white mocha cup for the flourish and the leaves. Waste not want not, I always say! lol

Okay, I'm off to a slow start but I'm working on getting the  creative ball rolling. Happy almost Friday everyone.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trying something new....

Okay so I've had sort of a creative block and I've been doing all kinds of other things to fill that painting my shelves, organizing my hubby's office, and trying different ways to organize my fabrics. But I did come across these awesome monster pillows on I thought to myself that I could do something similar to these for my kids. So here is my version.

These were fun to make. I didn't measure anything and cut everything by eye. lol  you're probably thinking to yourself, " it looks like it!".lol  I'm really trying to finish these two cards that I started two weeks ago so I can post to the Magnolia group. I need to concentrate on getting current cards up on my Posh Paper Sweets page. I need to get back into the swing of things.
Check out my Fancy Nancy's layouts. One of them is of our junking trip to Warrenton, TX. She's inspiring me to bust out the scrap booking skillets and attempt a 12x12. Haven't done a page in years. Need to start!
Happy crafting~

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing space make over....

I decided to do a little make over for my sewing space. I told my DH that I wanted to paint the shelving white. He told me, "no" and that I was crazy that I wanted to paint over the natural wood. I assured him that it would look good and eventually he was on board. lol I thought it would be fairly easy and fast since I was using a semi glossy "white" paint. If only things were that simple. I think I must've painted 3 coats to make it evenly white all over. Okay, I used the fisheye lens so that I could get the entire view, so sorry for the distorted/ bended space. lol ! I think the white makes the space look brighter and cleaner. The left side will be Nani's(my daughter) coloring and crafting space and my bill paying desk and the right side will be for my sewing. Here are the before and after photos. 
I think too much natural wood made this area seem outdated.

Here are the after shots. I painted all the shelving white and I painted both of the desk tops white.

I accidently dropped the roller and Hubby was a little mad that I got a glob of paint on the fax machine! lol  oopsie! ( you can't even see it! ha!)

Now I think that this area is cohesive with the scrapping area, it's just opposite (White cabinets with the natural countertops) Here
Okay, Hoping everyone had a super Monday.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Art Journaling~"Dream A Little Dream" (entry #5)

Trying desperately to keep my art journaling going. This one is basically how I feel most of my days. My mind is constantly spinning even though my body is idle. Honestly I think that's how my creating cycle works....I'm dreaming up different things and ideas and then when my mind and body align ....I go into a crazy crafting frenzy. lol! Anyways, without anymore of my rambling, here are the photos.

Yeah, tomorrow is Friday! Hope you all had an awesome week and a Happy mothers Day to all you mothers! lol (That sounded funny!)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Painting+kids at school = happy Mama

So I am attempting to paint my way out of my funk. lol  Here is an entry that there is no rhyme or reason other than a day of "free play".  Kind of tried different ways to create texture and lots of play with color. okay, I think Im ready to create a "real" journal entry. lol
Happy hump day!