Thursday, May 5, 2011

Art Journaling~"Dream A Little Dream" (entry #5)

Trying desperately to keep my art journaling going. This one is basically how I feel most of my days. My mind is constantly spinning even though my body is idle. Honestly I think that's how my creating cycle works....I'm dreaming up different things and ideas and then when my mind and body align ....I go into a crazy crafting frenzy. lol! Anyways, without anymore of my rambling, here are the photos.

Yeah, tomorrow is Friday! Hope you all had an awesome week and a Happy mothers Day to all you mothers! lol (That sounded funny!)



Nancy W said...

I love it! And I love your new haircut! And yes, that sounded funny, but cute funny. Ha! Happy Mothers Day!

Gloria J. Dawson said...

Leslie I think this is one of my favorites.....just beautiful!


Sharon Caudle said...

OMG! Leslie this is unbelievable!!! My jaw is on the floor right now! OUTSTANDING!!!!!!
hugs, Sharon