Thursday, April 14, 2011

Entry #4~Free Yourself

 Hi everyone,
It seems like I've been neglecting this blog! Just came back from a impromptu vacation and have been busy with laundry, photo editing and getting everyones passports safely put away. Pictures are  posted on my personal blog.
Okay, on to the post.......
This page is basically saying to free yourself and  strive to create outside the box. Having my card business I've always had the mind set that precision and clean lines were the way to go. Keeping this art journal has pushed me to use techniques and mediums that I never would have ever attempted to try. These are very fun for me and it kind of makes me want to put my cards on the back burner for now. Anywho here are a couple of photos

Happy Thursday!


Nancy W said...

You are Soooooo talented! I'm in a funk, I want to create! Send me some of your mojo! Xoxoxo

Pen to Paper said...

Wow Leslie, you drew that?! It is really beautiful!!!You can draw, make cards, page layouts... what can't you do?!?! You are awesome!