Sunday, November 2, 2008

princess nani....

okay so i apologize for such a cheesy halloween entry in my prior posting. i was so exhausted that i just wanted to get something entered about our halloween. our kids were nice and sugared up before crashing out for the night. i've noticed that there weren't a lot of porch lights on that must be because of the economy being what it is. the kids got loads of candy nevertheless and were completely content with what they got. all in all it was a great halloween. here's a few pictures of my nani girl watching her brother at school walk in their parade. she was still asleep at 8:15 so i woke her up, dressed her in her princess outfit and loaded her in the car. she must of been like," what the heck?....." lol

today is day light saving time so i hope you remembered to set your clocks back an hour.

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AL said...

It looks like her face is changing in the 3rd pic, or maybe it's her hair(?) Soooo cute! I liked your Holloween pics.