Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Round Top 2014

 Last November Cydney asked if I wanted to go with them to Round Top, since they had to book a room 6 months in advance. I've always wanted to go to the Junk Gypsy Prom, so my answer was an easy one. May was unable to go at the last minute since she needed to be with her daughter, Mason. (who was unfortunately one of the people that was injured in the SXSW incident. She was also my very first senior photo shoot.)
I had no idea how crazy the prom was. I saw a photo of what Cydney was wearing to the prom and thought that I needed something fun to wear also. So a quick trip to the Goodwill where I purchased a denim skirt. I then sewed some tulle to the bottom and I was ready! Anyways, as usual, I photo journaled our trip.
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In other news, I might be taking a small break from my bracelet business this month. I have 5 photo sessions this month and 3 in the first half of May. I have to kind of focus on bringing my A game to my photography clients. Well that's all that's been happening lately. I have to say though that the Round Top trip was a much needed mini vacation for me. I'm grateful for that time! Happy Tuesday

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Very First Maternity Shoot

I had my very first maternity photo session on Saturday. I have to say, that I think that's the most nervous I've been before a shoot. I mean, I'm nervous every time, but this time I was the most. lol
 The whole shoot took about an hour and half and I only took 140 photos. (that's kind of a record) I go into each photo shoot promising myself only to press the button when the shot feels right. When I got home and downloaded all the photos, I was surprised that there was only 140. I know that sounds like a lot, but believe me, I use to be trigger happy. Now, I force myself to wait for it. More than a couple of times, I'd position them and then, not like it, so I would just tell them that the shot doesn't work for me, and then we'd be on to the next idea. Basically I just like to shoot everyone in their most natural form. I want my photos to tell a story of my experience with the people, and give my interpretation of what I see and felt, through photos. So when they are just interacting  with each other and not so worried about poses, that's what I try to capture. Any who, here are a few photos.
I've been on a black and white thing these days. Loved the lighting in their room.

These photos of little Jessie just make me smile. She's such a doll.

All in all this was a wonderful experience for me. So my next shoot is a senior photo session with a male, another first for me. If I'm not scared, I'm not growing!


Part 2 of Alyson's Senior Shoot

I'm kind of behind with the blogging but for good reason. I have been trying to organize myself with the upcoming photo shoots. April is going to be super busy for me. I have 5 photo sessions and I have 3 more people hoping to get their photos taken next month. I've had to tell them that I was booked for April. It feels kind of weird being so busy. I'm trying to give myself time to do the very best for each person, so I don't want to just take on more than I can handle.
Here are some photos from Alyson's second day of shooting. 

I have one more shoot with Alyson and then we'll call it done. :) 
Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feeling Amazed

Just a little update on my businesses. My bracelet business is doing pretty good. I feel like I'm getting my "creative" fill, that I feel I'm in constant need of, from that alone. I've been feeling like I want to paint but my studio desk is such a mess that I just end up creating more jewelry since there are beads and leather all over. lol
My photography business is really taking off. I'm feeling blessed beyond words. I think I mentioned before that I got a real estate gig from one of my friends from bible study. Well when I gave my business card to her at bible study, I was asked if I had ever shot baby bumps. I said that I haven't but I could. Well, to make a long story short, she booked a shoot with me this month. I am excited about that session. This week I have booked 3 photo shoots, 2 seniors and 1 baby bump :) . I'm amazed at how I haven't once advertised my service and they keep coming. I'm feeling totally totally blessed!
 So last night I was on my ipad when I received a message on my Leslie Avila Photography facebook page. Here's what it said.....

I totally recognized this cutie from that event. I mean, this was almost a year ago and she found me on face book! I'm so happy that I'm busy! 
Masyn's schedule is pretty busy this month and next so I'm glad that I'm able to schedule everything around that. 
My L lens came a couple of weeks ago and I'm having a lot of fun with that. I have one more L lens on my wish list...for now. lol 

Happy Spring~

p.s. Power Thought: I know who I am in Christ and what I believe. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My (other) Little Rock Star...

Yesterday we went with Michael on his run to Tejas Park so that I could get some shots of my Nani. I think I just needed to take photos of something other than staring at those school dance photos. I am so glad that I am finished with that and that they are up on the web for purchase. That was something so out of my norm. Seriously! Any who, I got my new L lens and wanted to take  a few shots using it. I brought two other lenses so that I could just practice shooting in general.