Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two Senior Photo Sessions

4.15.15 Troy & Taylor
I booked two male senior sessions from the pre prom shoot that I recently shot. And I shot them both on the same day. That's another first for me.  I usually like to have at least 4-5 days in between shoots just to give myself time cull and edit. Annie, their mom, needed their photos asap so that she could make their senior invitations. I decided that we would shoot them both on the same day. I had a blast with these two. I swear, everybody is so different, and that's a good thing. That is one of the things that makes me feel like I'm pushing myself. I've learn to take in each persons personality and willingness to have their photos taken and use that to inspire my shots. 



Doing it scared.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pre Prom Photo Session

    I was asked if I would take pre prom photos. I said that I would, knowing that I have never done that before. I think I like to secretly scare myself with each and every session that I take on. As the date drew closer, I was keeping in close contact with one of the moms. We needed to have a location because their time frame was 3:00 to 5:00, which is no bueno when it comes to light. Also, I was informed days before that there would be a total of 7 couples. Oh my gosh, I thought to myself, how am I going to photograph each couple separately and then group shots? See what I mean? Fear before each session must be my thing. Anyways, the only way to over come fear is to just keep moving though it.
   On the day of the shoot, I arrived 20 minutes early so that I could get my settings. I asked the two girls that were already there if I could take photos of them so that I could see how I could have them stand to keep the bright, dappled light off of their faces. I had mentioned that I wanted to take some fun, silly shots. She said, those were her favorite shots to take. When she said that, it gave me a huge sense of relief and really took a lot of the pressure off. 

You block your dreams when you 

allow your fear 

to grow bigger than your faith.


Kandel Family Photo Session

3.12.15 Had the pleasure of photographing this family for the second time. Last year was my very first session with a toddler. It was different from all the other sessions because toddlers are unpredictable. This time the session was to announce the coming of their second child. I had a blast. Layla, their three year old, was now speaking and made things even more unpredictable. She's awesomely strong willed and fast....so very very fast. Lol!

Other things may change us, 
but we start and end
with Family.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2.07.15 The Sargent Family Session

   I thought I blogged about this photo session already, but when I looked back, I was wrong. I actually meet Shelley about 2 years ago. She was leading a women's bible study in Liberty Hill. She called me one day wanting to book a family session with me and had mentioned that she knew quite a few people that I had taken photos of. At this time I didn't connect her name as someone that I met  already. The day we had our session consultation, I recognized her right away. It really is cool to live in such a small community. Everybody knows everybody. Anyways, here are some shots from that day.

Be a good person
but don't waste time proving it.