Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Best Local Wedding Photographers
Since I've been trying my hand at freelensing, I have gained a new excitement about photography! Seriously I can't get over how much I love the way  freelensing photography looks. I see a new lens in my future. Have my eye on the Composer Pro 80 Optic Lensbaby. I think I'll feel more comfortable not taking my lenses off. I remember my camera class instructor telling us that Lensbaby lenses were junk, so I never really looked at them. But  I think it's something I want to get, because I LOVE the effect! Okay, here's my project 365 for today, that I took freelensing. (I just converted to black and white.) I'm feeling excited about photography again!

Billy Graham

Happy Tuesday, 

Monday, August 18, 2014


    Trying something totally new.  A couple of weeks ago I took a good long, okay maybe not long, look at my project 365. And I asked myself, "am I stretching myself?" I felt myself in a bit of a rut. What does my photos say about me? My photos tell me that, number one, I love faces, plain and simple. Secondly, I love to tell a story with photos. I know that it is kind of hard to do with Project 365, that's the main reason why I like to share albums that tell of a day or memory I'd like to remember. And lastly my photos have been telling me that there's so much more that I want to learn and explore about photography. 

I have been trying to take photos of things that I normally don't care to. Maybe because I just don't want to take a pretty photo and call it a day. I have been trying to shoot in impossible light or low lighting. Changing up my usual composing. Breaking the rule of thirds whenever possible.  I've also been trying to find my black and white path. And I've even been trying my hand in freelensing. Okay, I'm not a pro at it by any means, but I LOVE the different effect it gives. So the opposite of the clean edits. But I just find them so much more interesting.  

Don't judge me. Lol! I'm going to figure it out. This is the 5th year of Project 365, and I vow to put in the work. Looking forward to the September Lighting class.

   "Create the things you wish existed."
" Old ways won't open new doors"
It's a two quote posting day. lol


Last Minute Photographer

Got a call last week from my friend Jennifer, asking me if I'd take photos for the high school. She said she needed Cross Country, the Liberty Belles (dancers), Volleyball, and Band, and she'd need them in less than a week. In exchange for taking the photos, I'd get a full page ad in the program (a $550 value :). Ummmm, yes! I knew that it was going to be a challenge to schedule the days to get them complete but I got'er done.  Luckily the stars must've aligned and I scheduled one a day all starting at 7:00am. Phew! The coaches were all so helpful getting all the kids' names for me, and for that I'm so thankful.
  Getting this gig was such a blessing to me. It'll help get my name out there in Liberty Hill. <3!
Here is the ad that I submitted. 

I've also been working on my signature watermark. I've been wanting one like this for a while but have never been satisfied with what I'd come up with. This one at the top of the ad is pretty close to what I'm going to start using from now on. 

Because my life isn't going to wait around 

while I figure out how to make it work.”



Published in the Independent

Okay, I know this is just the local paper but still feeling like I'm getting somewhere.  I took this photos a year ago for, up and coming local singer/songwriter, Emily Cousin. I had been dying to do a fifties shoot, and Emily was the perfect person.  Kind of caught me off guard when I spotted Emily's post showing a photo of the paper. So I asked my hubby to pick up the local Independent newspaper, and low and behold, it made the front page. My photos have made the, Liberty Hill  newspaper twice before with both interviews about Masyn.  (Is that cheating? ...I think not. lol). Emily also told me that the same photo would be in the Austin Chonicle and Songwriters of Texas. Such a nice surprise. 

Okay, I must keep up my blogging. 
    “So early in my life, I had learned that if 

you want something, you had better make 

some noise.”  Malcom X