Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finally, Full Frame!

Finally, I got a full frame sister camera to my 7D. I thought about getting the Mark lll for a while now, but decided against it for a couple of reasons. I decided to get the Canon 6D. Read here for the real differences. Anyways, I was a little scared that the buttons would be totally different than my 7D (which I still and will always LOVE) but to tell you the truth, they are basically the same besides the focusing toggle. Now I have a nice back up camera for my photo shoots. And I love that the 6D has wifi so I can snap a shot and send it straight to fb. :) Here are the first couple of shots from my newest.

I'm all about random photos. Note that I didn't custom set my wb, because I was just too excited to hear the click. lol I'm only on frame 11. Just like a new car....trying to take it all in slowly to enjoy little thing....

"Stay curious."

Happy Tuesday

Mayer's Family Shoot

Our neighbors. Loved taking their family photos! 

Okay, have to admit, there were many photos of them that I took just for me. (last two included :)
9 more days until Christmas! I've decided not to take on anymore sessions this year. I don't want to take on so much that it becomes more of a job. I have booked 4 sessions for 2015. Going to work really hard next year on learning more about post precessing and stream lining my workflow. 

You don't have to figure it out to 
move forward


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Sulak Family

  (11.23.14) I loved photographing this family. I felt the most comfortable with them since I shot Alyson's senior photos earlier this year. We decided to do the session at Rancho Sienna. This was my second time shooting a family session here so I kind of knew what I wanted to do. We had scheduled to shoot on Saturday the 22, but there was a 100% chance of rain that day so we had it the next day, and it was a gorgeous day.

I loved the color they chose as their coordinating color pop.

"Nothing is worth it, if you're not happy."


Mother and Son Photo Session

(11.16.14) Another first for me. This one made me really do some posing homework. Amanda, being a very young looking mom with her 19 year old, college student, son were going to be difficult to pose without making them look like a couple. I spent many of hours during the internet on poses with Mother and (grown) son poses. Let me just tell you that there aren't many out there. Well, I just went into that shoot with what I knew and hoped for the best. :) Well, here are a few of my faves..... 

 I told you she was a young looking mom. :)

Be stubborn about your goals 
but flexible about your methods.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

The White Family

   Had the pleasure of photographing the White family. This session was in Kingsland, TX (a little more than an hour from Georgetown. This shoot wasn't just a mom and dad, it was a mom and dad with their two grown sons, and then both of the son's families. I was nervous as usual, but even more so since there would be so many people, ten to be exact. If that wasn't enough, she also requested a morning session.
  A couple days before, I had lunch with Brenda, one of my photo gal pals. I mentioned to her the fact that they'd be so many people to pose that day and I had to get up super early, since the clocks had been turned back the week before. She then offered to come with me to help. Oh man, life saver! 
  That morning it turned out to be a gorgeous day and the place where I shot was right on the water. 

   I had kind of like a paper guide for her to let her know who was going to be first, second....and so one (grouping wise) This helped so much. We did the shoot in less than ah hour. I'm so grateful for her coming with me and helping! Makes me want to have an assistant all the time. 
 Okay, here are a few shots from our day.

Oh I forgot to mention that I used my expodisc for this shoot and I love the warmth that these photo have. Custom white balance is a must!

"Be a good person, but don't waste time to prove it."